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Portsmouth, VA
reply to davidhoffman

Re: [ALL] Cox Rumored to Adding 100mbps Tier

said by davidhoffman:

Powerboost seems to have been created, at the time, to stop ignorant people like me, who kept hitting refresh/resend on a browser to try to get some part of the webpage being sought to come up on the monitor. Give the subscriber something quickly to keep him from re-sending the request. It is kind of like the pickles, crackers, or bread restaurants give you to keep you from going crazy waiting on your main order. I have read that this was once a similar big debate among browser designers. Do you wait for the entire page to download before displaying any of the page?

With today's available cable internet speeds, Powerboost is not really necessary if you are delivering the promised tier speed. If you have a 8 channel bonding cable system, that is delivering 152Mbps download consistently, what real benefit will come from Powerboost to 190Mbps, for the average webpage?

Average webpages? Lol it won't help much at all, as most servers are not even ready to pass data at them speeds. But like I said in my last post, I can see it being a feature cox gets rid of sometime in the future. As we all know speeds are getting to the point, features such as powerboost are useless anymore. I mean it still makes sense for maybe the bottom two lowest tiers, but nothing more then that.


Newport, RI
·Verizon FiOS
reply to bryant313
so..nothing definitive, all rumors but Verizon has the speeds, service and better price. This might be it for me with Cox, just dont get why they dont compete (or match).

Need to decide next week so service transition is smooth.

Too bad as have been a longtime Cox customer and liked them as a vendor.


Las Vegas, NV
well cox has to make a move to stay competitive so some speed increase and new speed tiers have to be on the way


Henderson, NV
reply to bryant313
Unleash the 100mb tier!

Irish Shark
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Las Vegas, NV
reply to bryant313
said by bryant313:

well cox has to make a move to stay competitive so some speed increase and new speed tiers have to be on the way

Not anytime soon here in LV. Who is the competition? CL with their 10mb plan in most of the LV area.

Yes, there are some sections that can get higher speeds, but they save that for folks who want Prism.

If I want just Internet, the best that I can do is (up to) 10mb. If I tell them I also want Prism, I can not get 40mb ... split between Internet and Prism. After Prism takes its share, I get 10mb for Internet.
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Portsmouth, VA
Well if/when cox adds a faster speed tier, I don't think competition is gonna matter. What will is if your cox area is D3 or not. I am sure cox will do the same with regards to there ultimate tier, by offering it in there D3 service area's. Pricing is a different matter, and will most likely be set by competition.


Las Vegas, NV
reply to Irish Shark
i think cox will go to 100mbps very soon regardless of what Century link is doing

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The OC
reply to bryant313
And now official ...

»Cox Business begins offering 80, 100 Mbps tiers