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Honolulu, HI
reply to bobjohnson

Re: [TWC] been lagging bad for 7 months

Downstream Bonded Channels
Channel Lock Status Modulation Channel ID Frequency Power SNR Correctables Uncorrectables
1 Locked QAM256 186 591000000 Hz 4.2 dBmV 40.4 dB 0 0
2 Locked QAM256 29 585000000 Hz 3.8 dBmV 40.0 dB 0 0
3 Locked QAM256 187 597000000 Hz 4.7 dBmV 40.3 dB 0 0
4 Locked QAM256 188 603000000 Hz 4.0 dBmV 40.0 dB 0 0
5 Not Locked Unknown 0 0 Hz 0.0 dBmV 0.0 dB 0 0
6 Not Locked Unknown 0 0 Hz 0.0 dBmV 0.0 dB 0 0
7 Not Locked Unknown 0 0 Hz 0.0 dBmV 0.0 dB 0 0
8 Not Locked Unknown 0 0 Hz 0.0 dBmV 0.0 dB 0 0

Upstream Bonded Channels
Channel Lock Status US Channel Type Channel ID Symbol Rate Frequency Power
1 Locked TDMA 3 2560 Ksym/sec 22750000 Hz 49.9 dBmV
2 Locked TDMA 1 2560 Ksym/sec 30800000 Hz 49.9 dBmV
3 Locked TDMA 2 2560 Ksym/sec 27400000 Hz 49.9 dBmV
4 Locked TDMA 4 2560 Ksym/sec 19200000 Hz 49.9 dBmV

these are my new specs through a splitter.... it's alot more playable and seems like things are connecting better... but it's still far off from what it use to be... the lag im experiencing is more of like a screen lag feel... like nothings in sync...and it's far worse than before... before i'd be on a two bar and it really wouldn't effect me as much... now i'll be on a four bar on xbox and even host and it lags... the lag is constant and on every game... i've been mointoring my packets lately and i have 0% loss... so im ruling that out..i've tried two different tv's recently one with hdmi cord and another with digital av cables the blue green red one... im planning on trying a 4g le hotspot just to determine if its my isp... or something in my house messing with the signal or wiring and electrical problems etc... i've also been reading about NIC cards? not sure how i'd install that in my router or modem cause im sure road runner has policys that you can't open up their modem... then i've also been thinking about trying dc taps.. cause i notice through the splitter it's better but the upstream power level spikes high to 52.... 49 is the lowest it's been since i've tried the splitter... and from what i understand the directional couplers lower the upstream power level along with the downstream power level...

im not quite sure how to test it directly through the amp or outside at the box if anyone could run me through the steps i'd gladly try that

thanks in advance