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Re: [Fixed] Anyway to tell how far tower is from me using dire

Well that was disappointing. I called bit about a month back and they told me they had an antenna on a leased tower on ivor road. I assumed it was in the town of ivor which is about 35 miles from me. Anyway i found out ivor actually starts in courtland . and that the tower is actually in courtland which only 13 miles from me as far as driving is concerned. So at this point i'm excited. I just called and the lady told me they wouldn't offer service from that antenna untill sometime in october. Not because it isn't ready but because they don't want to offer service to customers in a new area untill they upgrade the user end equipment for the already existing customers. To say the the least i'm very sad right now Looks lie i may have to buy a amp and try to get 3g for a couple months.


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Quick note: you can turn on ruler functionality in Google Maps to figure out "as the crow flies" distances, such as between you and their tower.

As a side note, ten miles is a pretty long way for a wireless signal to travel; you'll need some high-gain antennas on each end to catch service.