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Teddy Boom
k kudos Received
Toronto, ON
reply to corellama

Re: [Cable] Teksavvy Cable Constant Modem Restart [SB6120]

said by corellama:

Teddy Boom are you saying you have updated the firmware on a SB6121? Is this something I can do?

It is easy to do if you have the right tools, but it can't be done by end users. I use a JTAG/Flash-programmer to write firmware directly into the flash chip.

They are blaming the firmware, but I'm not certain that the firmware is actually at fault for the problem.

One thing that seems to be missed a lot in the troubleshooting of this problem is doing a factory reset on the modem. Don't do it too often--it will delete the logs, and logs are helpful--but trying it once is important. To do a factory reset on these modems go to the web interface, click on Configuration, and then click the Reset All Defaults button.
(important to try because your modem may be able to find better channels to tune into, and that could clear up the problem. Maybe some other reasons too..)