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Sudbury, ON

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Re: [Cable] Teksavvy Cable Constant Modem Restart [SB6120]

said by tonytoronto:

Yup, i'm already on, there is a newer firmware version that Comcast pushing out (»SB6120 Firmware Updated (7/19/12)) and seems to help some of they customers with the exact upstream bonding crap, Chances are Rogers will never update any of the motorola modems.
Have another tech coming tomorrow, like the 2 before him will check the tap and tell me signal fine and will again change the cable terminal at the modem and that's it, nothing will once again get done. Weird part all of this, internet been crap for well over month and all of sudden been good for 2 days, nothing on the logs at all, go figure.

...Might I offer a separate suggestion. With talk of firmwares and whatnot, sometimes its just classic, traditional cable tv troubleshooting that needs to be properly done. Trusting a $100 consumer device to get accurate signal levels is foolhearty at best.

I sometimes wish that techs who troubleshoot cable tv would take some extra time and do a little more digging vs saying "Oh 43 is good" or "Oh 52 is good"....
I was only speaking to EGM92's screenshot and not the others..just as an FYI.

Firmware can't resolve an intermittent signal problem. I'd only say this because it helps, but I don't know if its accurate anymore. Does Rogers still push the analogue channels through? If so, get a small tv if you have one, and just directly connect the coax into it and for starters look at channels 2-6...if they're really grainy and hard to see, that's a signal problem and needs to be addressed. This isn't illegal as far as I can see as this would be for troubleshooting purposes...

If they still broadcast the higher channels in analogue (say 60+ or so) tune to those channels if you can with the tv directly plugged in, if they're grainy and fuzzy as well, it indicates a signal problem and something the tech will need to address...and you can show it to him to see, and perhaps from that standpoint they'll be able to figure out what the issue is...

I know it may be a lot of work for people having issues with Cable, but signal problems manifest themselves in weird ways sometimes. Since when you're looking at that screen its simply a snapshot and not a rolling signal strength indicator, if you see there is an interference or interruption in the signal, you may not see it when looking at the diagnostics...

Again, HTH....also I wouldn't be just blindly updating firmwares and whatnot...there's a reason why Rogers doesn't update their firmware as it can cause unforseen issues...and I know that it can be done, doesn't mean its something you want to do and it may not even solve the root cause of the problem.

The factory reset is a good idea. Also while the modem is plugged in, you can simply unscrew the coax for about 5 minutes, and then the modem will try and retrain onto different channels, when you unplug and replug it in it remembers the last upstream and downstream channel it locked onto and tries those again, and if they are marginal, the modem doesn't care and will try and stick on that frequency.

Nine Zero Burp Nine Six
Toronto, ON
Nice post nitzguy!