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Jersey Shore is back again.

Red Bank NJ
reply to Rattler

Re: Signing onto NBCOlympics w/ a FiOS ID

BTW just an update regarding the streaming performance of l8. I watched a full soccer game yesterday and track/field today at 720p with very little frame loss. Looks like the issue that caused everyone to have major frame loss earlier this week has been resolved at least for now.



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reply to Rattler
lol i love how there's an official error by the ppl who run the world wide web which specifically states NBC doesnt know what the hell they're doing and its of no fault than their own.

»www.nbcolympics.com/news-blogs/b ··· nia.html

simply clicked the "full replay" link on the USA Basketball article on the main site for the Lithuania game....sorry NBC, i guess i assumed it would...idk show me the game, like when i click "watch replay" on ESPN, or actually when i click any link on any other site to see the subject matter for that link of things of far less importance than a 2 weeks out of every 4 years, world wide event..for that matter


New York
reply to Rattler
freakin NBC sux.. How lame is it that we consistently miss 2 to 4 points of a volleyball game becuase they MUST show every commercial they planned on showing.

piss poor coverage.


Herndon, VA
Turns out I was able to login, but had to use a secondary account that was already setup long ago.