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Emeryville, CA
reply to ATTek

Re: [Line Problem] Alternative To AT&T Line Installation

I have an alternative to AT&T that I don't want to name here. They don't do inside wiring, and they have self-install. AT&T will install the line for $135. I'm just looking for someone who will install the jack for less money. I feel betrayed by AT&T because for years I paid some "inside wiring" fee and they don't even want to put in an extra jack. So I would rather pay someone else to do the work and maybe save some money in the process. Right now I have a wireless router set up but I want the actual jack in the room with no jack so I can plug directly into the phone line and use an Ethernet connection to my PCs.



Got Sand?
Glendora, CA
Got ya. Probably won't be hard to find a contractor to do it. Try the pennysaver or similar. And FWIW, the monthly wirepro never covered installing additional jacks It was just basically insurance to repair what you have if it broke.
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