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Jersey Shore is back again.

Red Bank NJ
reply to icemannyr1

Re: Signing onto NBCOlympics w/ a FiOS ID

said by icemannyr1:

Same problem for me. Any event video above 480p has an annoying lag on may mac and pc.

NBC atm gets a grade of "F" for their online performance. Anything I try to stream at HD (720p+) just has horrible frame loss. They should fire the VP of engineering that developed their distribution center. I know they seem to have just used youtube but if youtube sucks with their distribution network in primetime , NBC is responsible for selecting it.

Tonight I was trying to select a couple womens soccer games to watch and first I have to deal with delays just selecting the game I want. Then anything about 480p the frame loss was 10-20%. I've been checking on-demand for the Olympics and thus far they are not offereing any full event replays.

Pretty pathetic streaming performance thus far....


Havertown, PA

I screwed around with it some more...

I have another machine here that is running XP, SP2 and Firefox 8. It logged in just fine. For some reason, this particular box (the one I'm typing on) will not work with the NBC site.

After all that messing around, I found that the quality sucked anyway. Also, what I wanted to see I couldn't find. I sit in front of a 'puter too much already - I'm just going to bag it.

Thanks for all the responses though...
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