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Brampton, ON

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reply to nitzguy

Re: [Cable] Teksavvy Cable Constant Modem Restart [SB6120]

said by nitzguy:

said by Waimea:

I had a solid connection for 2 years before the upstream bonding kicked in and started the same problem. It's definitely the signal that causes this.

here's how it got solved. I had two tech visits, they changed eveything at the tap: connector, spigot, jumper & trap W. No idea what those mean but that's what the tech said he did. The other tech changed the cable that connects the building's riser to my modem. We found it had a few nicks because of the staples. they may have caused intermittent interference, on the line.

Since then, stable connection even tho my upstram signal sits at 52 at its highest.

Like someone said in this thread, the bonding makes the whole thing more sensitive to signal issues. so if you have any slight weaknesses in the cables connecting you to the rogers node then you get those nasty T3 timeouts and the modem loses its mind trying to keep talking to the CMTS.

So have rogers clean up eveything that connects you to them. seems to have worked for me for about 2 months now.

Good luck!

Definitely would be the case, same with downstream as well, but usually not as bad, upstream area from "officially" 5-42mhz is generally "noisy" in comparison to the downstream signal levels, which is why TV stations didn't operate in this band originally when the service was setup back in the NTSC 50's...Channel 2 starts at 55mhz (roughly), so there's a reason why those lower frequencies weren't used but cable had no real options at the time...

Anywho, it wouldn't surprise me that 75% of these issues are signal related, but the techs themselves don't know exactly what to do because in reality they're responsible from the tap down to basically the modem (the techs that you all get to come to your houses/apartments/etc).

You'd also be surprised how much those "notch filters" aka "Trap all frequencies but internet" cause problems in the first place.
Hence with the move to all digital they won't have to have these traps in place and that'll probably solve a lot of issues.

But changing the connector at the tap, the spigot (perhaps attaching you to another spigot because changing the tap itself would be work that they wouldn't want to do as that would cause other users to be out of service, if only briefly), and the jumper which is probably the fact that if you're in an aprtment means it jumps from 1 cable patch panel to another to provide service...

52 is ok...as long as your modem is staying online, again the modem isn't 100% accurate, it may in reality be 51 or 50 dbmv, but is just reporting a bit off because its not meant to be 100% accurate...

So, definitely have them out again, since TSI can't see the modems history of going on and offline, if they could they might see the modem "flapping" and other cool CMTS type terms to see if a modem has a chronic issue....I wish they'd push for more access even at a basic level which I don't think would be an issue, simply have them know which CMTS they connect to, input the modem MAC into the tool, and simply give TSI access to run those technical reports only....but someone at TSI would have to push and someone at Rogers would have to give...same with the other cable ISPs....

But if they can't see the modem ranging and ranging and ranging all the time it is completely useless to try and do any troubleshooting....anywho, wish you guys luck with your issues.

+1 Thumbs up absolutely correct [edit]except for the part about changing the tap spigot as normal technicians do not carry multitaps and are not allowed to change them[/edit]

Sudbury, ON
said by aereolis:

+1 Thumbs up absolutely correct except for the part about changing the tap spigot as normal technicians do not carry multitaps and are not allowed to change them

By that I meant moving the sub to another available spigot . Sometimes not always available like in apartment buildings but if you're in an area with an 8-way tap or a 4-way tap and you have one free, they sometimes try the other spigot to see if that resolves the problem and then tag it to be replaced by a Network facing tech .