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La Habra, CA

SBG6580 Routing

Hello All,

Here's what I have

Two Wireless Routers WRT350N
Firmware: DD-WRT v24-sp2 (06/08/12) mini-usb-ftp

One SBG6580 Cable Modem
Standard Specification Compliant : DOCSIS 3.0
Hardware Version : 2
Software Version : SBG6580-

Here is my problem...

I have an Office router WRT350N Back part of my house where I have a small office IP and I also have a Home router WRT350N IP for my cable box, Apple TV, Laptops in the house. Office Router is mostly for two computers, one laptop, one VOIP box, Xbox in garage and a storage server.

Now I have both routers as Wireless AP's since the Home wireless router doesn't reach the back office and its handy having the office with wireless for laptop and iPhone. The Office Router and the Home Router have a direct connection to the Motorola SBG6580 Cable Modem and the modem is DHCP enabled (since I only get one IP from my provider) and both WRT350N's are setup as Gateways, Home having an WAN IP of and Office WAN IP of and SBG6580 Modem

My problem is I can't set a static route on the SBG6580 so the HOME router can see the OFFICE router. Both networks don't see each other.

ANY help is MUCH appreciated BUT please understand that this setup is convenient for me since I work from home ½ the time so I don't want to just run one router and I need both WRT350N's to have the Wireless option for convenience. Thank You for ANY help.