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Balking The Enemy's Plans

Woodstock, ON
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reply to TOPDAWG

Re: [Serious] HBC to close most of remaining Zellers stores

said by TOPDAWG:

AH damn it I was so pissed when food land replaced IGA last year cause IGA had steak-ems that I liked then once foodloand got them no more steak-ems. I was forking forever tiring to find them in Canada too. man they be good. anyone know what store does have

Actually, ask for the meat dept. manager there. And 9/10 times they'll be able to special order them in for you. Oddly, I get mine from the Foodland here. I usually get in 5-10 boxes at a time, good for about 4 months. I like the flat stakettes not the sliced jobs. Finding steak-ums in Alberta? No problem, finding them in Ontario? Almost impossible now. US? Oh yeah, everywhere.