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A Lurker
that's Ms Lurker btw
Wellington N
reply to TLS2000

Re: [Serious] HBC to close most of remaining Zellers stores

said by TLS2000:

Steak doesn't have carbs man.

Oddly enough seeing 'zero total carbs' on the package always makes me wonder what's in them. As it happens, according to their website, just beef. So the zero carbs is just a marketing ploy.

The only store I see that is 100% Canadian on their list is A&P. Foodland/IGA, Walmart, etc. have more presence in the United States, so finding them in Canada might be a problem. As Mashiki already mentioned, try the meat dept. in the store that used to sell them. Since Foodland is listed as a seller, it might be possible to have them ordered in.

I've sliced steak pretty thin on my food slicer, but not quite sure that thin for steak-ums (usually 1/8" to 3/16" for jerky).