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Charlotte, NC
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Re: SBG6580 Routing

Is there any particular reason why you're running 3 seperate networks?

Is it possible to stretch a cable from one of the LAN ports on your primary router to the LAN port of your secondary router?

This would be the perferred method. Then, on the secondary router, you'd disable DHCP and the like. Set the SSID and encryption type and keys to the same as your primary router. But set a different channel (for non-802.11n stuff channels 1, 6 and 11 are best).

While you're doing all this, put the modem into bridge mode and let your primary router do all the heavy lifting.

If you can't run a cable to your secondary router, how about using some HomePlug A/V gear to stretch that area? Or maybe putting DD-WRT on your secondary router so it can act as a bridge/repeater? Or getting a gaming adapter, attaching that to your wireless network from your primary router and plugging it into the LAN interface of your secondary router?


La Habra, CA

Not really 3 networks, the Modem network is to serve internet traffic, the other two are separate (which is my problem) Stretching the cable is what I had from my Home router to the Office router but that just lets me see the office network from the home.. and not vice-versa, its also slower for the home network getting to the internet.. now that I switched that cable to to into the Modem, things are much faster. Its much nicer (it seems) to have both routers connected to the modem, but now the home network doesnt see the office network where the printer and storage server are.