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Hamilton, ON

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reply to sm5w2

Re: How to get Bell to fix problems with POTS line?

said by sm5w2:

Is this an issue that can I can stick-handle through the direct forum and FORCE BELL TO DISCOVER AND CORRECT any possible problem with the drop that they seem to want to avoid doing?

1. Intermittent problems are always the hardest to fix.
2. Bell’s repair within 3 or 4 days means Bell won’t show up before the problem evaporates (no truer word to use here).

With reference to the buried drop; Bell can run a temporary line on the ground or run an aerial cable to prove whether the drop is an issue.

If the problem goes away it’s the drop if it doesn't, the buried drop can be reconnected and the new (temporary) line removed.

We had a similar issue here a few years ago. The line would hiss or crackle and when at its worst would be dead. Problem was worst after rain or heavy dew. Phone was usually great at the hottest part of the day. The problem took close to 9 months to fix. When a tech showed up the problem wasn't there.

Finally an arrangement was made for Bell to show up within a couple of hours of a call. 2 full sized vans showed up and they took down the drop and replaced it. Problem solved.

Here is the anatomy of my problem; time line is not exact.

Many years ago Bell replaced the aerial cable on poles in the alley behind our house. To do that, any clamps (span clamps) that attach to the strand are removed whether for Bell, Cogeco etc. so the new cable can be lashed into place. About 7 years after that there would be periodic crackles on the phone when really windy. Over the next year, the problem got worse but service not interrupted. Internet was good. Called Bell; no resolution.

Over the last 9 months before the phone service was repaired; it was a crap shoot as to whether the phone would work; Internet was good, never slow.

When 2 Bell techs came that very rainy day to replace the drop (a 6 pair areal drop) and corrected the problem I asked what caused the problem. Their response was obviously a defective drop.

To slice through this, the 3 of us stretched the old drop down the sidewalk and located the cause. When the span clamp was re-installed for our home, the 6 pair was pinched between the clamp and the strand. Rain or heavy dew was causing electrolysis between the zinc plating (galvanizing) and the copper conductors.

Unless you can get Bell to the home when the problem exists, it may take months to be resolved.

Good luck.


Edit: one of these days I will always spell aerial properly.

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said by RickStep:

1. Intermittent problems are always the hardest to fix.
2. Bell’s repair within 3 or 4 days means Bell won’t show up before the problem evaporates (no truer word to use here).

I had that issue during my dial up days , whenever it rained the line was so crackly you couldn't make a stable connection. I'd call Bell, 3 days later, no fault found.

Finally after playing this game, I inisted that they book someone to come out the day I call (it's raining). Sure enough, the tech found that a squirrel had chewed into the line down the road, and when it rained, the water got in and wreaked havoc.

You need to INSIST that they come the day you report the problem, otherwise it'll never get fixed.
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