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K A R - 1 2 0 C
Key West, FL

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reply to Gartok

Re: Big River Broadband Now Available in eastern Missouri

said by Gartok:

I understand what you mean but DSL, or anything like that, isn't available in this rural area and probably won't be for a long time.

No and I meant to include that but guess I did't... but beyond just surfing and email... I understand nothing else available... is rather restrictive` at this point in time... I'd think they would at least allow 50 to be a realistic self controlled alternative and really with DSL I rarely go over, but have public hot spots I get a lot off of now finally too, but not until the past two years or so (vs the 18 before and 12 of home DSL), where they started to understand that got them local loyal clientele (and even tourists seeing locals streaming), vs places that don't... employees wish they did again realizing that and owners not.

And unlike astoundingly restricted iDevices, an Android really a fully functional computer Apple will never allow on their platform, because they wouldn't make money of it.

Actually until 2000 AOhelL dialup was the only really available thing here... but being such a concentrated dense population was a perfect testbed for DSL (and cable before did the same for just TV service improvements...5 years after DSL and but still years after ownership change they ever offered their internet, and entrenched DSL they have been battling since even with higher but less reliable speed... goes out in a stiff breeze or no reason, vs DSL on hurricane hardened strucure by riding on fed regulated POTS performance lines)

And then it was just KW for a couple of years before the rest of the Keys got DSL... first year or so just the mid to end of the island closest to single CO I lived on did either.

Then remote terminals came in.

Yeah while we are 100 miles out to sea from mainland FL, and first to get it vs everything between... middle of no where low pop. density is a tough thing, and for them to cost wise vs return to support. And again the entire Keys, a tiny wide string of island up to the mainland... even after totally covered big parts or rural FL that still weren't and not still today.