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Warwick, RI

provided but i dont use it

Basic old fashioned analog cable is with broadcast clear quam channels are provided here. I rarely use it instead i stream most of my TV viewing VIA netflix or other sources. That said most people around me are hooked into cable by need of an ISP and those happen to be the same CABLE TV providers. Many are forced to keep some sort of TV service by pricing / bundling practices that make stand alone internet not pleasing. Let's not forget to add in CAPS designed to protect cable TV revenue. In most markets / areas cable TV may be the only real choice for an ISP due to lack of alternatives . Even in areas that have FiOS as an option this is just another glorified cable TV provider and while they don't have caps NOW and were dangling sweet deals to hook people in after these sweet deals ran out folks were back and forth between the whatever cable TV company and FiOS. Thats not really cut cording its just going back and forth in circles. True cord cutting requires an alternate TV source(s) that will work for you AND your family and an alternate ISP besides cable OR FiOS. This only leaves DSL however many can't get desired speeds compared to cable. Only other option is a WISP and many can't get a good enough signal in their home OR don't even have a WISP in range for this to work. Cell phone internet is usually CAPPED so it would only be very last resort for most.