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Aptos, CA

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reply to howardfine

Re: Linux Servers Snared By Microsoft Patent Lasso

said by howardfine:

said by JohnInSJ:

Seriously you need to pick some line of reasoning and stick with it. This constant flip flopping between "They have a monopoly and must be killed" to "They are irrelevant and only can survive by suing others", while comical, is really hard to grasp logically.

How do you come up with any flip-flopping by me? What you don't seem to understand is that Microsoft's world-wide anti-trust losses stem around their monopoly of the desktop and it's unrelated to where they stand in other areas.

I've said that countless times and this time I'm bolding it for you.

You live in a fantasy land, where they are after linux to protect their nonexistent server market, and their desktop position is made irrelevant due to the shift to mobile/pad devices. You said it yourself. I know you also believe that the monopoly in desktop they had in the 80s when there was no alternative means they should be sued by the EU still today, believe me I know it. And yet, you also say they're losing in every segment.

So make up your mind.
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