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Depends on what you need

I was paying 65 bucks to a cable company for what? Shitty programming in bundles THEY decide at times of day THEY controlled so they could tell me which shows I was allowed to watch and with commercials too.

Is Netflix everything? Of course not and only a complete idiot thinks it is everything ever filmed.

But Netflix is a mere 8 bucks, not 65 and considering how much it DOES have, and I can watch an entire series, if I want, when I want, show after show any order I want, and no commercials at all ever.

Yeah it hasn't got every mega film feature ever screened, oh the horror. It DOES have more than enough for an average individual. I certainly have no complaints.

My wife was watching Emergency and Mc Millan and Wife the other day. Yeah you can say 'that's old shit'. So, how is it worse than new shit? Because most TV is shit to someone eh.

I can watch my Netflix on almost any of my devices, I don't even need to be at home at all. Suck on that cable.

Cable TV is what is wrong with a lot of the entertainment world, and they are as clueless as is Hollywood when it comes to reality.

Fact you do NOT need cable, and you can't spin it any way that suggests we do.

I've watched a few films in our local theatre in spite of not wanting to, but really EVER film I have watched recently, has been about wanting to watch it with a friend or family, it had nothing to do with having no choice. I COULD always just say screw them and download it.

My mother still uses cable for 2 reasons. A she's 80 and too old and set in her ways and she doesn't have a computer or internet access nor does she plan to get them. That and she has a need to watch bloody soap operas.
I could always just get her a device for Netflix, ditch her phone and cable and save her the 130ish bucks a month she is paying out and only be paying the 70 I do for my own needs.

But she is suffering from apathy, and really that is I believe what keeps cable going, too many people with too much apathy to join me.

She might lose being able to watch her damned Soap opera, but like my wife, she'd just discover all the things she'd be too busy enjoying to care. My wife also whined about losing her drivel cop shows and soap operas. She hasn't complained since she converted though.

I'm currently enjoying all the shows I DID like from the past 30 years and doing it at my speed my way. It's no biggie if I can't watch the current season of Game of Thrones on Netflix. That's why I have torrent software installed.

Cable companies, not am I only not going back, but I'd not mind if you also went away.


East Amherst, NY

I agree. I had my mother cut the cord too, so she has netflix, hulu+ (which she watches all her shows minus CBS), and basic for $13 (mandatory in NY). So her phone is VOIP, so it total she pays $36 for all this and $45 for TWC HSI. So $80, not bad and no terminal fees or taxes that is the price.

My FIOS bundle has me paying $100 (+ netflix) with the above + extreme which is a lot of channels. But Verizon is deprecating my 25/25 and they are going to jack me for $25 more a month when my price protection goes away AND a downgrade to prime which means no DIY which I watch. So this means that FIOS is useless to me at this point, so I will be going to TWC and the basic broadcast, and move my voip back to voip.ms and be done with it.

With netflix (TV) and amazon prime (TV+ paid movies), OR redbox which is 2 minutes away I am stuffed w/ content on the cheap.

It will be interesting to see what big red does w/ redbox, because it will be a flop at $3-$4 when you can get the disc for $1.25. I'm thinking $2-$2.50, and maybe they cut into itunes for TV shows. I can wait a year to watch for free. My kids watch 100% netflix and don't even know what a commercial is. I love it.

I'm no teeny bopper so I can easily defer my impulses to have the latest, so no $2/show rip off. I think a show for $10-$15 for the year viewable on any medium without commercials is the sweet spot.

In any case with this last move, Verizon has priced themselves out of the water, and they are so far behind the 8 ball on apps and remote viewing that they can only pitch fibre so much when TWC in my area has the same speeds (granted upload is less) for a way cheaper "naked" price. To get in the game Verizon wants $75 for internet on something that cost them $4. Negative. TWC -> $40.