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I challenge you to go to tvguide.com and see which content you can really not live without ($$ PAYING FOR $$).. with more and more cable-tv channels moving to the internet streaming and more movie & music content available for free or low cost-- does a cable-tv subscription still become relevant?

Google Fiber will learn this in spades when people register for their FTTP service. If you have GIGABIT (or any reasonable high speed internet) won't you buy the internet only and source your Video over IP yourself as a cheaper overall way to save money?
The free tablet remote and simplistic VOD/video recording/shifting to various screen simplicity not withstanding can be done with a streaming dvr box on your own home network.. why pay $50 a month for the content when you don't have to?

You can regularly find 10 - 12 cable-tv subscription channels streaming online including news networks, local channels, channels from other countries (which you would not ordinarily have access to) and loads of music & audio resources. You can use an android app such as tune-in or a PC app such as radiosure to play radio from around the world.. the expanded content from just 5-10 years ago is amazing... If you told me CNN & a dozen cable-tv channels would stream online for free 10 years ago, I'd say you were crazy..

Those 3/10 people know something the other 7 don't.. the tipping point is now (this year) not 5, 10 years in the future. Backlash against data caps from AT&T and Comcast will reach a head and change will come. After that, the floodgates of users using internet only video streaming (aka subscription cord cutting) will be into the millions instead of hundreds of thousands.. Yeah, consumers will get stuck with higher internet bills... sigh.. but saving $50, $100+ for content will probably be worth it for no caps, higher bandwidth and a cheaper video lunch..