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This is a sub-selection from hmm

Woodbridge, VA
reply to majortom1029

Re: hmm

said by majortom1029:

MY problem is that with stars gone from netflix a lot of movies and programs got dropped from netflix. To gte what I want I would have to pay for a lot of service to get everything and that ends up just as much as my family cable package from cablevision.

Also cablevision recently rearranged their packages to give more of a choice and I got encore added for free.

I guewss for certain areas this works but I do not see cord cutting saving me money in the long run.

Starz being dropped was the best thing that happened to Netflix. That was some of the worst quality content that Netflix had. If all of the Netflix streaming content was like what I saw from the Starz streaming content, I would have dropped Netflix streaming years ago. I always hated when I picked a title and a starz logo showed. Since it looked like crap. So I would just delete it from my queue. Once Starz content was removed from Netflix streaming, it was so much better since I didn't run into crappy looking titles anywhere near as often.


I agree, Starz HD made my head literally spin on Netflix, and it is still that way on-demand. No point in taking Dramamine before every movie.

Woodbridge, VA
reply to aaronwt
Honestly, I never noticed the difference with Starz content. But I don't own an HD television.


Colorado Springs, CO
reply to aaronwt
I have to admit I do miss Stars, but I am embarrassed to admit it was just because of Spartacus