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Monroeville, OH

picking up verizon on wireless network card

I was on my laptop yesterday and happen to look down and seen that it was picking up another wireless network. I live in rural enviroment where the only network is mine. I looked at the network windows 7 was picking up it had a bunch of numbers then said verizon. I was wondering if it was picking up a 4g (which is not available yet in my area its about 10 miles away from extended coverage) or is it something with time warner and the verizon partnership. Thanks.


said by ultimat1ne:

I looked at the network windows 7 was picking up it had a bunch of numbers then said verizon.

Sounds to me that someone with a verizon mifi was passing by.

Warwick, RI
reply to ultimat1ne
your laptops network card will NOT pick up verizon LTE directly. it can only receive wifi in the 2.4 ghz band or the 5 ghz band. You picked up somebody passing you / parked near you with a hotspot device such as a phone with a hotspot or other hotspot device. Since there is NO 4G LTE coverage where you are they were most likely receiving a 3g signal to the hotspot . If you still see this network in the days to come then one of your neighbors may have set up something. Are there wireline options like DSL and cable in your area ? How far is your nearest neighbor ? You could be picking up your neighbors home network that may have something to do with verizon.


Monroeville, OH
I keep picking it up at night time its a poor signal so i cant lock in on it. I tried walking around my property last night to the neighbors but couldnt get any better signal strength. My neighbors are a good 300 feet from me the closest one. No there is no wire line out here. Hoping frontier might run out here now since they got the money from the government but my best bet will probally be 4g from verizon. I'm currently using 3g from sprint now but on peek times best i can get my ping at is 1100 . Thanks for all the info guys.


reply to ultimat1ne
Same thing is happening here, this is what I found: verizon sch lc11 64e3 secure. I don't know where it is coming from but we don't have 4g here just yet. It is close though.