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[BC] My Dns Servers are not working on my cpanel setup... :(

Can someone please tell me what I'am doing wrong I'am trying to p setup cpanel whm server ; and my external ip is / and the apache and cpanel work on there... then I tried to hookup my dns servers ; In my program easy static ip I have my static ip working and for the dns I set them as static to » and » now I went in to whm logged in as root chnage the resolv to these ip's I think I'am doing something wrong .... please do not say you need an actual static I did have this working before also if you do fix it mabye I will send some money your wya


Calgary, AB
setting up a static ip when it's not actually a static IP may work temporarily, but you'll likely run into problems later when your IP gets assigned by DHCP to someone else.

That being said, what you're doing sound like it should work as long as you've done a DHCP request and received that IP address at some point in the last 2 days prior to the configuration. Shaw sets DHCP leases to 2 days, after which the IP can be assigned to someone else, unless you re-ask for it via DHCP.

In order to get a stable connection, you'll need to use DHCP, or pay for a static IP.



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Everything is super fast can you plz give me a call I will probably pay you by the hour or you can just help a guy out phone number removed by moderator just dial twice and then I will call you back so you dont pay ; of course :3

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stolen I'am not sure how to private message you but can you email me [removed] I will pa you hansomily or anyone who else email me

Calgary, AB
reply to Gary
Leave is on DHCP,

Use a dynamic DNS service to keep track of your IP incase it changes.

You have just told Shaw

1 you are running a server when your service does not permit running servers

2 that you have entered a static IP on your server from the DHCP pool

3 What your IP address is so they can look up your account

Business service from Shaw, with a static IP, is very close in price to residental service - if you also have residental TV service

$79/month for 12 months for 50/5 and TV service, plus an actual static IP.

Yes, we know it works, but you shouldn't do it.

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