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This is a sub-selection from Reality, again!


Santa Monica, CA
·Time Warner Cable
reply to buddahbless

Re: Reality, again!

said by buddahbless:

Rural customers are not more fickle just more cautious on how they spend there cash.. If you gave rural customers the option of comcast at $40 per month for 3-6 mbps HSI @ or ATT DSL 1.5-3.0 mbps for $15 they would chose the ATT DSL and be happy with it, with not even a care in the world that there are pricier options for 20-100 mbps. A lot of people seem to forget there only option in rural areas is dial up for $9.95 + per month. Why would anyone pay $10 for 56k dial up if for just a few bucks more they could get at least DSL speeds.

Really what would you chose if you at least had the option but were on a budget.

Fickle, cautious, frugal, conservative - you can call it what you like, the fact is simple, rural customers are less willing to part with their hard-earned dollars for broadband, at any speed.

Urban DSL isn't $15. You have to buy dialtone, which takes even a $15 teaser rate to about $40, typically $50-60. Basic DSL rates run $25-40 before fees.