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Re: hmm

BQUOTE= Italian926...Honestly, if someone came to my house , and I didnt have TV service, Id be embarrassed ! lol Sorry guys, "cutting the cord" will never be the "cool thing to do",,,,,,,,,

Who said cutting the cord is not a "cool thing to do", I understand you may need your HBO fix but for others Its all about implementation....

Example... I cut the cord yrs ago in favor of OTA and media player streaming. At one of my residences I have Comcast business class ( no cap) My two phone lines are 1 Vonage for business line, 2 nettalk for home phone line. ( cell with TMO). there are 5 TVs ( 1 in a guest room) in my house all flat screen ( LED & LCD) and all have a connection to the OTA antenna, and all TV's have there own Sony Media player attached and all wireless networked to the home network ( SMP N100 & N200 DLNA supported).

All media players have access to Crackle, HULU and Netflix for Video streaming (I pay for the last 2). They all have a bevy of radio apps from slacker to pandora on each media player Not to mention my android phone has the Sony's app on it that allows me to control all 5 media players at any time from my phone ( never a lost remote). MY Home network is separated by use of a different router than my business network, and the home network is set up on DLNA in which I also have a 2TB WD my book live networked in where I store all our family movies videos pictures music and ( cough.. digital copy movies), and I have access to all of that from one phone and can stream it to any TV set, laptop, or digital device in my house!

When I show off that I/they can watch regular TV for your local info and news then just switch over to the media player for almost everything else similar to on demand , that I never lose my remote All I have to do is pick up the house phone and call it, and That I can stream my family moves to any TV in the house, Lets just say I've had family, friends, and colleagues over and have shown them my set up and they all have though it was quite cooool !

Not to mention a Colleague and his wife stayed the night quite some time ago ( due to a weather related flight cancellation and it being to expensive to book an extra night hotel stay). They resided in the guest room and before I went to bed I checked in on them to see if they needed anything, my colleague was happily in bed watching a tv show from netflix from the media player, and his wife was on her Ipad streaming a new movie from my WD book live that she so desperately wanted to see but was not available on demand from there cable provider yet. before he left, He asked to make sure I send him my home network specs as he wants to set a similar one himself.

Jim Kirk
Westerville, OH


·T-Mobile US
LOL yes my house in the suburbs of Chicago I am that 1% er, anyway the sad part is as I said one of my residences. At my "snowbird" residence in Central FL I have my elderly grandparent living in the house ( so it does not stay abandoned) and there is no good OTA signal in that area what-so-ever, so the only thing I keep there is basic cable for them on Comcast and the lowest channel package that includes the ONLY one channel they like to watch...WGN.... ( look up where thats broad casted for free at) ... GO FIGURE!

You win some, you loose some...


said by buddahbless:
channel package that includes the ONLY one channel they like to watch...WGN.... ( look up where thats broad casted for free at) ... GO FIGURE!
Then feed them the chicago OTA ala your own aereo. A Haupaggue card, and some software.
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