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Holy Cable Modem Batman

Washington, DC
reply to openbox9

Re: Go Sprint Go!

I think that the iPhone is Sprint's savior.

WiMax was never going to go anywhere, and competitors (AT&T/Verizon) being able to offer an LTE iPhone and LTE iPad (which they currently do) would have left Sprint in the dust.

The fact that the next iPhone will be LTE has forced the idiot laggards (not Dan Hesse, who obviously gets it) at Sprint to realize that its network needed a complete overhaul and that devices drive customers.

Sprint would be in much worse shape without the iPhone, but they still need the iPad. It doesn't need to make money on the iPhone for the next three years. It just needs to buy time while the network vision pieces fall in place and there's a natural attrition from other carriers by people who are sick of price gouging and double dipping on data.

Sprint's going to be just fine.
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I'm not suggesting the iPhone won't help Sprint a little (even with its insane cost), but I don't believe it's the "must have" device that it was a couple of years ago.

Sprint is getting by. When it gets further along with its Vision plan and if it continues gaining subs, it'll be doing better. Sprint needs to grow subs and revenue or else it risks sliding backwards again.