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VERIZON worst service ever!!!

Worst company ever! Was on the phone for ATLEAST 2 hours!! 1.5 months with thier service and already we get a price increase when we signed up for a 24 year guaranteed lock in rate which was what thier sales person tried to convince us to do! 1 month with them and we are surprised with see $6! Apparently, even if you locked in, they can just increase DVR prices anytime! Why didn't any of their sales people tell us this?!?!?! They con us into locking us in for 2 years telling us its a guaranteed price, and yet, NOT EVEN 2 months later, they find a way (nay, it feels like you knew you had another way they can get people's money anyway)We just signed up!!! And they increase the price 1 month after?!?!?!?! Without even the courtesy of informing their customers. Ridiculous!!! And so it feels so sly. Coz if they had informed us within the first month, they probably were thinking... "they're still in the first month trial period where they can cancel, lets not do that." That may not be the truth but it sure feels that way.
2nd concern, again, only after a month of signing up, we couldn't even watch our shows recorded in the "multi-room" DVR from our bedroom, nor our basement (which we were able to do for about 3 weeks only!!!). It was eventually fixed after over 2 hours on the phone (Verizon wait time is just ridiculous! Last week I tried to call for the previously mentioned billing issue, I was on-hold for over an hour I had to hang up the phone!!!)
And our internet? The "blazing speed internet"? Well apparently, Verizon does not guarantee wi-fi (even if router was NOT EVEN 1 FOOT away from PC, and no other computer, laptop or phone linking to our wifi at time of testing!). And even when we disabled the wifi so that the physical cable is the one used, well... while we're supposed to get 25/25 (actual test by online tech showed 30/15), apparently, I'm supposed to be thankful because we get 35 instead of 25! ummmm.... you guarantee at least 25?!?!?! And what about the upload speed that you are not even meeting?!?!?! Oh, "verizon does not guarantee upload speed, we can only guarantee downloads. If you want a higher speed, you will have to upgrade" Are you friggin kidding me?!?!?!
No guarantees on guaranteed rate (they find sneaky ways 1 way or another). No info for customers on DVR price increase (coz it feels like they do not want us to cancel when we still can) No guarantees on wi-fi. No guarantees on upload. Terrible experience only after 1 month-- useless "multi-room DVR" (which was corrected after this phone call-- but still... sigh!), terrible, terrible, terrible call center: atleast an hour wait each time!!!! And the first time, I didn't even got hold of a person after 1 hour of waiting!!!
I don't even know why I bothered emailing them! Verizon probably just utilizes a computer to read this anyway.