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This is a sub-selection from hmm


Birmingham, AL
reply to ITALIAN926

Re: hmm

Some of the most "cool", "hip" type people I know don't have cable anymore except for internet. They spend more time outside, or taking part in hobbies. After my contract and good deal from Mediacom ends next year, there are no guarantees I will keep TV, I think I can save that money each month and find a new hobby to do with the savings, and get on with life without so much TV. I find myself watching the same 4 channels or so anyway. I think there is a significant number of people who fit another cord cutting class, the "we watch too much TV anyway" group. Netflix and Hulu are cool, but do we even have to have them on all the time to stay entertained?


Colorado Springs, CO

Same here. All the cool and hip people I know watch what they want, when and if they want. They refuse to pay the cable/sat company to keep appointments and watch commercials in order to do so.
It's a "Cool and Hip life style"! (That's a dig at those old farts ITALIAN926 and NWOhio2;)


Yarmouth Port, MA

I'm cooler and hipper than you and your friends.
I watch TV at work.

I'm sure you make 7 figures and your Secretary watches TV for you but my clients will make you pay my cable bill. Or break your legs.