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Re: Signing onto NBCOlympics w/ a FiOS ID

i just tried checking youtube thru TOR and its still only showing the same NBC Olympic channel link which then when u click on it, reroutes you to the nbcolympic.com site and it says "access denied" so its not like Youtube is servicing the rest of the world with their own feeds...its only USA

how does a tv station for 1 country, which isnt even the host nation of the WORLD olympics having an world wide ban of online streaming? LOL

so the other 200 countries are S.O.L. other than what ever is shown on tv??


bbc isnt offering live streaming for UK, they only have "live boxscore updates" and that phone app

oh and this account activation isnt just a fios issue apparently



Long Beach, CA
·Verizon FiOS
xocsucram, again, what browser are you using?

Regarding your world wide streaming compaint, each network or entity received a license (and payed for it) from the IOC to broadcast or stream the Olympics. The BBC streams are limited to certain geographic locations also (the U.K.). You may not like it, but that's the way it works. The article you link to indeed says that BBC is streaming up to 24 streams IN THE U.K. only



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i use FF, Chrome and Opera

i finally found a page on the IOC regarding streaming in each country


again i really dont care to find a solution to this, the one service i do use, ESPN3/WatchESPN worked since day one of my Fios service, i dont watch any other channels and in 2 weeks Olympics will be over

it would of been nice to just go on there with the same exact account i use for ESPN3 to watch the USA basketball games on demand rather than worry about scheduling a recording since the Olympic channel doesnt actually show games its just in 4 hr blocks and i have to check the FIBA scheudal to see when they're playing and set up manual recordings during those hours, but i wont lose sleep missing a 20 point blowout here or there


Long Beach, CA
Which OS?


said by PJL:

Which OS?


its an issue between the nbc site and verizon, from their end its showing im not even a Prime TV subscriber which is the lowest possible tier and i was just watching both the channels they said i wasnt subscribed to.

im not going thru hoops with Fios CS which is probably flooded with 1hr wait times anyways from everyone having the same issue. having them reboot all my stuff and screw up the other shows im watching or cut off my internet rebooting the ONT making me miss the start of my MLB.tv feed for Yankee/Oreos game thats bout to start at 7(which would be right after the 1hr wait for customer service)

Warwick, RI

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said by xocsucram:

making me miss the start of my MLB.tv feed for Yankee/Oreos game thats bout to start at 7

You'd think the Yankees would eat up the Oreos, but as it turned out, they didn't have the stomach for them. They lost 5-4.

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