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Pasadena, TX
reply to Dude111


DUDE Man !! --

YOU are AWESOME!! ..

I saw you authored this topic and expected nothing less than some of the jabs thrown at you. But I say to you ... keep being yourself. Don't conform and become boring. I LIKE the occasional variety YOUR POSTS provide!!

As for Snopes, I've had online friends send me email warnings in past and I mostly Googled up the threat and ended up at Snopes most often. I took the time to send my friends the link to the info and explained which search engine I used, keywords, etc. I found after half a dozen or so of these truly good intentions that they began researching out stuff more thoroughly and became a little less gullible perhaps. But I can NOT fault their wishing to protect me and treating me as a friend.

Your are absolutely correct about aspartame. It is poison and actually illegal in a few countries. I think some are much more susceptible to its many negative side-effects ... but those effects are so horrendous to even take the chance is foolish. So Snopes has some issues and you must use multiple sources to hopefully arrive at the truth.

Keep being a cynic!! Question EVERY THING!!

A concern of mine is you don't seem to post as often as in past and I really enjoy seeing that icon your son made for you. As I read between the lines and weigh a person's consistency ... I get a since of their sincerity. My opinion is you have a heart of gold and this forum is blessed when you share yourself with us.