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Hilo, HI

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reply to rcdailey


said by rcdailey:

You solved the problem the old-fashioned way. You just cut yourself off from the spam and useless e-mail. I still get that stuff, but I do use e-mail. Do you use smoke signals or ESP or something else that I might try instead? Don't say Facebook or Twitter, please. I have enough trouble handling Facebook in a limited way.

I have Facebook and Twitter in my Hosts file. I still use email for things like listservs, newsletters I subscribe to, forum registrations, etc. and a very few friends who know something about computers or who are willing to learn how to use email safely and in a private manner. I have an advantage: I'm old enough that I can pick up the phone (yeah, a landline) and call my friends who would likely never use blind CC. For us, actually using a phone to talk on is not at all unusual.
When governments fear people, there is liberty. When the people fear the government, there is tyranny. Thomas Jefferson