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[HD] Very bad picture dropouts on the HBO/MAX/SHO multiplexes

Last night I was noticing very bad picture dropouts -- tears, blockiness, breaks, etc., in the video on many of the movie channel multiplexes, but not on any broadcast channels, and other channels like CNN and Comedy Central were not affected.

It was so bad that you couldn't go a few seconds on any of the affected channels without seeing the symptoms.

I'm in VHO5

Anyone else noticing this in the same VHO or others?

I didn't have time to look today to see if it corrected itself.


Belleville, NJ

Re: [HD] Very bad picture dropouts on the HBO/MAX/SHO multiplexe

Last night many channels had problems. Sounds like satellite distortion, perhaps from sun activity?

Jersey Shore is back again.

Red Bank NJ

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reply to sbernstein5

Had same issue in VHO7 which lasted afew hours around 2am EST. I noticed that my local channels were fine and since it impacted multiple VHO's most likely it was satellite related.


Mclean, VA
reply to sbernstein5

I'm seeing this as well on VHO4. Right now HBO HD (899) doesn't come up at all, just an error message, and HBO2 West (903) is just pixel hell, like a DirecTV channel on a rainy day. But the other day it was different channels doing this.

Been happening for about a week now.



For everybody reporting the problem on the forums, please call Verizon and report the issue to them directly. When I called and reported it they said nobody else was reporting the same issue. This is a national problem, Verizon knows about it but is in denial of it, and they need as many customers as possible to tell them to wake up and fix their junk.

FiOS TV is a hopelessly unreliable service and I've been reporting problems just like this one for over two years now. The company eventually admitted that some of the problems I've reported exist but they haven't ever fixed anything.

These particular pixelation issues are apparently originating from SHE 1 and began in May this year. The local VHO (6) was forced over to SHE 2 for a while recently to avoid the problem and I imagine the same thing was done at other VHOs. The VHO is apparently using SHE 1 again and has been a mess for over a week now as a result. It has been worse than ever during the past 24 hours.


reply to sbernstein5

Things looked better for me the last 2 nights. Must have been sunspot related satellite issues, as pointed out in the initial response to my post.

For those of you seeing more serious/long term issues, I think it is either a problem in your VHO, or something with the equipment/connection in your home or area.



sbernstein5: Thanks for your update. Please just don't confuse yourself or others by agreeing to a baseless suggestion that sunspots were the problem when they weren't.

I already stated that Verizon is aware of the problem and that it is originating from SHE 1 according to Verizon. As usual, they don't seem to know how to fix the problem. At least for VHO 6, service was switched away from SHE 1 (again) in the early AM hours on 8/1 so that service wasn't a complete mess yesterday. It's nice that they can work around this particular problem by switching away from SHE 1, but they don't seem to know or care that things are broken again whenever the VHOs start using SHE 1 again. As a result, customers were pointlessly inconvenienced for over a week until this latest switch away from SHE 1 eventually took place.

Among other things, I've done side-by-side tests comparing FiOS TV with Dish Network and DIRECTV and in two years I've seen a handful of interruptions originate from each of the satellite providers while many thousands of interruptions have originated from Verizon. There have only been a few days in the past year that FiOS TV wasn't interrupted at all. Only once did I come across an interruption in the satellite feed so that multiple providers experienced the same problem at the same time, and that interruption was for less than a second.

Some details on my earliest experiences with how unreliable FiOS TV is are in another thread from 2010: »Random Freezing, Audio Loss, and Pixelation from VHO 6. The situation has become worse since then so that the plot of interruption time points is almost always a solid line. As the service became worse, it became impractical for me to continuously monitor the service's integrity (which Verizon is supposed to be doing, but apparently their systems are so bad that they fail to detect most problems I report to them until their employees manually confirm the existence of the problems by watching problematic channels like any customer would).

Verizon has never fixed any of the problems I've found and reported to them even after they verified that the problems exist. Some have been national problems (with SHEs), some have been issues with VHO 6, but in all cases the problem does not get fixed. Problems sometimes temporarily go away when Verizon switches between various existing resources, but once a new problem is introduced it never goes away and just gets added to their previous mix of problems.


Mclean, VA
reply to sbernstein5

Looks like my problem was caused by a bad splitter.


Virginia Beach, VA
reply to opieant

I was with you until this statement:

many thousands of interruptions have originated from Verizon.
Really? That would be several every day. You really had time to monitor 3 services enough every day to see thousands of interruptions?



kes601: Yes, it would be several every day, and it almost always is at least that much.

Not all three services have been monitored continuously at all times. That wouldn't be practical for me, nor would it be necessary. Initially I monitored DIRECTV and FiOS TV side by side since we were switching over to FiOS TV but didn't terminate our DIRECTV service for a couple of months. Once I noticed the FiOS TV interruptions and that they weren't going away I set up a tuner and some software on the computer so I could easily determine when FiOS TV interruptions were taking place. Then, at each time a FiOS TV interruption occurred I checked recordings to see if the same problem happened with DIRECTV. Every time the problem was only on FiOS TV.

Examining the FiOS TV interruptions on the computer quickly confirmed my suspicions that Verizon was creating the interruptions. I reported the problem and figured it would be fixed within a few weeks. Tech after tech came out to the house and had no idea what I was talking about when I tried to explain how I had proven the problem was at least as far up the line as the VHO and that they were wasting time and money coming out instead of reporting the problem up to the people responsible for it. I tried to put pressure on them to do the right thing, but I was eventually told off by an irritable, clueless high-level tech support rep who called me after the final field tech came out.

So, I continued to log FiOS TV interruptions 24 hours a day, and occasionally turned Dish Network service on and off to do further side-by-side comparisons. The largest comparison between Dish Network and FiOS was an entire month of nearly continuous monitoring/logging. I think there were around 150-200 FiOS TV interruptions and one lonely Dish Network interruption which turned out to be the problem in the satellite feed that I mentioned in the other post.

Thoroughly fed up, I reported Verizon to the local regulators. They contacted Verizon and Verizon put me in touch with someone who was supposed to be able to help. That was a year ago now, and I've been fed all kinds of nonsense since then about why they've failed to fix every single problem I've reported including the problems they've verified exist. Now they're almost completely ignoring me when their problems are becoming worse than ever. They need help, but they refuse to accept it when it's offered.

I've become rather familiar with the types of interruptions Verizon introduces in the FiOS TV service, so nearly all of the interruptions can be identified as being caused by Verizon without any comparison to another service being necessary any longer.


Norwalk, CA
reply to sbernstein5

i had the same problem with nbchd as well. i did call and complain.