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[Signals] Internet issue going on for month but no solution&thor

There is my internet problem. Almost every day around 6:30PM - 11:30PM for last two month, the internet is not usable at all. lost package every time I ping. I am living in a new subdivision and I have been using comcast since 2009. Two month ago the internet was lighting fast. but now I will say it is not acceptable. I had called comcast service tech to come out three times. They tried everything they can in my house only, move the modem to lower noise feed cable(I have two feed cable from outside to my house). changed all the connectors. Finally a tech come to my home, and told me that the problem is not in my house. It is in the whole subdivision. One or more houses have really bad noise when their device turned on, those noise went back to the main line for my subdivision. He told me he got 9 calls from my subdivision in the same day saying internet lose package. Ok problem identified right? solution ? NONE, The tech says it is very difficult to isolate the problem and find whose line sending noise back to the main line. He want me to understand it is difficult and want me to live with it. I am a IT manager as well as a software engineer. I do understand it is difficult to solve a none persistent issue, but from a internet user stand point it is not acceptable. After the meeting with that comcast tech I have not heard anything from comcast again and I am still suffering bad internet at night and I am still paying my monthly payment. Why is this happening? If I have to move to a slower 6m DSL later on, I will do that, but I will only do that after the Olympic games. I am a long time Comcast customer, but now I am kind of forced to leave Comcast.

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Runs from Clowns

Re: [Signals] Internet issue going on for month but no solution&

Hello, SuwaneeGA.

Just FYI this is a public members helping members forum. Anything you post here is visible to everyone on the internet. It is really not a good idea to post your personal identity/contact info here.

If you wish to talk to one of the Comcast Cares group employees who are authorized to support customers here, please register on this site (regular membership is free) and then click on the Comcast Direct tab at the top of this forum. Read the info at the top of that forum and then post in that secure forum where your info will only be available to the Comcast Cares team.
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Runs from Clowns
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»Comcast Direct

You cannot post there as an anon, however.