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Re: Events are LIVE on NBCOlympics.com

I've been using a private VPN connection to watch the BBC iPlayer since their coverage is hands down better in quality and presentation. As for the YouTube/NBC streaming, I've not seen loading problems. All I see is horrible Flash Player optimization. YouTube's players on 1080p don't normally consume a CPU core and that's because when I'm visiting the site normally, I have a nifty Greasemonkey script forcing the player to use the GPU for everything, called StageVideo which works amazingly cutting usage down to 1-2% of a core. YouTube's embedded players have always had issues with eating CPU more than the normal player on the site, and the fact that the script won't run on NBC's site is another issue so I can't force it (as I don't want to watch in full screen, who does that on a computer while doing work?!). The script, by the way for past events also removes YouTube's stupid buffering policy, which makes it more comfortable to view 1080p on slow connections.

I do hope Google's Network is standing up to the extra load though if it's generating enough. I know they routinely have issues with each ISP and YouTube's speeds.

Also, yes the paywall is quite ridiculous. It's broken on many machines I use anyways. I notice that since all of the streams are being saved to video files, I really wonder what they're going to do as far as putting up older events for replay.