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Fenton, MO

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Re: So what did you do yesterday?

Went over to the wife's sister's house to have dinner & watch the Olympics... I also brought over our laptops. Our 3 kids are there, plus my wife's sister's 6 (!) kids; ages range from 13, down to 2 years old. Around 9:30 PM the kids are sent off to bed, and we (me, wife, sister-in-law, brother-in-law, + one more guildmember) queue for a random Cata dungeon. Lost City of the Tol'vir. Easy enough. We kill trash, down the first boss. My 2- and 3-year old nephews start yelling for their mommy. They get tucked back in. Onward. Second boss (croc boss, whatever his name is) goes down easy. More yelling. 5-minute break while kids are tucked back in. We start up again, but the 2-year-old nephew emerges, and his ENRAGE TIMER has apparently gone off. He is inflicting 40,000 points of crying damage, per second. This cannot be healed through.
My wife jumps on the nephew/baby grenade, and tells my oldest son (12 years old, occasionally plays WoW but no dungeons or instances): "Ray, take over." She leaves the room, and I type in /p "Ray is now playing Heather's hunter. This should be fun." However, trash goes down, and boss #3 (prophet whatsisname) goes down with no issues. We ride the whirlwind up to Siamat, and although the adds go down slower than usual, the instance is finished with no deaths and no major issues. I am favorably impressed. His DPS wasn't great, but he didn't stand in the bad, he shot what he was supposed to shoot, and did well enough overall that he wouldn't have been kicked out of a PuG.