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Brighton, MA

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Re: $7 VPS turned into a VPN to share is cheaper than cable sub

would you stop it with the fucking "thievery" bullshit. It isn't theft.


El Paso, TX

said by ArrayList:

would you stop it with the fucking "thievery" bullshit. It isn't theft.

Not only that... But to be honest i'm just stunned that at this point in time they didn't just keep the rights to themselves for online streaming, and streamed every different event for themselves at the same time for free, and just have sponsors pick up the tab.
And if they are incapable of handling the load, just have companies that can do it for them as long as they meet their requirements.

I know i'd much rather watch this on something like youtube, justin.tv, ustream or anything like that than from NBC or any other countries national TV station.
And as soon as the internet becomes truly ubiquitous everyone will prefer to watch it like that.

Go Colts
Fort Wayne, IN

Not a chance that they would recover what they make by selling the rights to each of the individual countries for local streaming. Plus it gets the IOC off the hook for having to deal with the technical issues and inevitable backlash against broadcasters when something goes wrong.

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said by 88615298:

said by ArrayList:

amen to that.

amen to thievery?


said by ArrayList:

would you stop it with the fucking "thievery" bullshit. It isn't theft.

That person has been on a hyperbole role of BS for quite some time now.

The reason NBC is delaying broadcast is so they can cut it off when some terrorist or other major thing happens and the world won't be able to see it, is my guess.
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Mentor, OH

They also have a delay, in case of uniform "malfunction". In certain games, uniforms will be tugged and pulled and certain things shown, that over here is illegal to air. Thanks to the puritan views of Americans and the FCC. God forbid if a naked breast is shown on broadcast TV, or a Butt cheek. We wouldn't want to send thousands of families to life long therapy.

I recall after the China Olympics, pictures circulating of what NBC "chopped" out of the broadcast. Water polo can get interesting, with the way players tug on each other's uniforms and such.
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