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[D3] Monk, easier to gear?

My wizard is stuck in inferno and DH getting 1 shotted in hell (better now that I actually bought her some resist/vit gear), I was thinking maybe I can make a monk. I like all the mitigation passives/skills, and OneWithAll passive seems like it would make it easy/less costly to get resists really crazy high. The tornado build only requires 20% to start...

Reading other posts though suggests otherwise, since they share gear with DHs (popular) and bots seem to use monks, so their gear is expensive. Other posts say barbs and monks are about the same in gearing costs, since only barbs use strength (no gear competition with other classes).

So anyone has experience with both? Is a monk easier to gear for act1 inferno?

Edit: Besides hoping to find an easier time in inferno, I'm intrigued by the Sweeping Wind / Cyclone (when you crit, you spawn a little tornado for 3 seconds that does like 25%? dmg), and Mantra of Evasion / Backlash (when you dodge, you do damage to the mob).


Tempe, AZ

I dont think its easier unless you put together random resist all gear but not if you double dip resist.

With the One With All passive you can double dip your resists by stacking +resist and +resist all to maximize your resist total.

Its easy to get 800+ resists to all that way without a shield. I think my monk is sitting around 864 resist all with two 1hders and no resist buffs.

Its all about combos on the gear. Just look for Dex/Vit/resist of choice/resist all and your set, ezmode.

Irmo, SC
reply to puppy

It's not easier to get, let me assure you and it will cost you out the....nose.

I run a build you mentioned, using sweeping wind / cyclone and varying mantra's depending on what act, but let me tell you, your gear requirements in inferno aren't going to be cheap. As I mentioned in another thread, LoH is a huge part of most Monk builds, and is really required to stay alive when you're standing in crap. Couple this with Attack Speed. Not as important, but makes a huge diff on how much life you regen.

Crit dmg & Crit Chance....this is where you really are able to take mobs out, otherwise, you're going to take forever and as you mentioned, this is where SW/C is able to crank out its tornado's.

Resists: As Besice See Profile mentioned, OwE allows you to double dip your resists on items. I chose to go with cold, so every item I look for, I look for cold resist AND all resist. So by stacking cold + all, you get the combined total of the two as an overall increase to ALL of your resists, but again, it gets costly when looking for these attributes on items, PLUS the other attributes you need (Dex, AtSp, Crit, Vit, etc)

If you have any further questions, feel free to ask....honestly, there is a great guide that I've used to pretty much get me where I am today. Upcoming changes may invalidate after 1.04 drops, but its still good info. Enjoy.

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