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Damascus, MD

Adding a dual fan to an external case question..

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I have an external case that the hard drive gets too hot on summer time, I am thinking on modding the case by adding a dual fan to it (see picture) - attached to one side.
I would like to mount the fan to the side of the case (making appropriate holes of course) and maybe flipping one fan to make it push the air in and the other to suck the air out.

Now since this case is plugged externally (eSATA) to the computer I am looking for an adapter that I can use to plug this fan to the PC's USB port.
Does anyone know if there such adapter from the 4-pin to USB?


Lampasas, TX
Why not add fan to bottom of hard drive... that looks like a hard drive fan setup... used to have one..


Damascus, MD

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Hi, this idea is not for the actual computer case but for an 'external' hard drive enclosure/case without a fan (attached via eSata cable to the computer case).
This dual fan is the perfect size for the HDD enclosure but I am not sure how to power it.. my idea is to connect it via USB to the computer case.

You are right this is a hard drive fan, I am just thinking on adapting it to the external enclosure.

Maybe I can explain it better with a drawing...

EDIT: if I dont find an adapter maybe I will just extend the power cable from the fan and connect it directly to the internal power supply in the computer case... maybe this is the better option since USB only outputs 5v and these fans are 12v...

Caveat Emptor
Earth Orbit
Is it sitting on top of a fan blowing hot air out from the case? can you take the HDD out of the box and mount it internally? Does your case have holes for watercooling that you can run a power cable through?
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Monroeville, PA
said by Krisnatharok:

Can you take the HDD out of the box and mount it internally?

I would suggest this.


Damascus, MD
reply to Krisnatharok
The computer is a Small Form Factor so there is no more free space for the hard drive inside the PC, that is way I have it on an external enclosure.
I just ordered the dual fan.. it should be here shortly, I am surprised how inexpensive, these are, only 4.00 on eBay from NY!.

This unit has the 2 fans pushing air (i this case it will be sending air into the case) but I am planning on flipping one fan upside down to suck the air out so it will be one "push" and one "pull" - I will drill the appropriate holes on the top cover, I think it should be fine and cool off the drive hoping to bring it down a maybe 40 (?) degrees, right now is reporting 55-60 degrees.

I found a single 80mm fan that I can use and place it on top of the cover, its very quite so I am debating if I use the dual or just a single fan... question here if I just use the a single fan should it be push or pull? I am thinking push bringing the air into the case, you think?

Monroeville, PA
reply to aa2k
55-60 degrees is quite acceptable for a hard drive. I wouldn't have spent money on it.