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said by rlindsay:

I just noticed a charge for $10.35 from CARWEBMALL.COM
I didn't make this charge, and have reported it to my bank.

I just wanted to list it here so other might check their accounts also.

Hi rlindsay See Profile,

Thanks for posting about FRAUD SCAM = CARWEBMALL.COM aka CARWEBMALL 734-335-8718 = SCAM FRAUD

It is vital that your card is immediately cancelled and replaced, and that this $10.35 charge is processed as FRAUDULENT.

rlindsay See Profile can you please post the line item charge as it appeared on your account, include the phone number. Also, it will be very helpful in tracking this criminal entity if you can post or IM me the first 7 digits of the 23 digit ARN (Acquirer Reference Number) for this fraudulent transaction. If the fraud charge was to a credit card then the ARN is usually posted as a reference alongside the itemized charge. If this frauduelnt charge was to a debit card (recently around 75% of the fraud charges are to debit cards) see data here: »[Credit Card Fraud] More from "IMGAMED.COM" then you may have to call your bank and ask them for the ARN for this transaction if it is not listed. That portion of the ARN will identify which bank provided the fraudulent merchant account

Below is my standard consumer alert for this decade long global organized cyber crime operation:

CARWEBMALL.COM aka CARWEBMALL 734-335-8718 is a fake front company. They are part of a very large group of fraudulent websites processing hijacked card data into cash. The card data fraud laundering operation is ran by a multi year eastern European Organized Crime Syndicate. This global organized crime operation has been functioning for over a decade.

The fake sites are set up exclusively to process stolen card data and launder the charges into cash. The stolen funds are then wired in bulk from US banks to various foreign banks in Bulgaria, Latvia, Kyrgyzstan, and Cyprus, to fraudulently established beneficiary accounts of assorted offshore shell companies. Some of the stolen funds have ended up in the Ukraine. Funds to support the US component of this massive multi year fraud operation have been detected coming into the US in $1,000 increments via Western Union, originating from various cities in the Ukraine.

This Russian headquartered organized crime syndicate recruits cyber-mules either through fake job adds, or by targeting online posted resumes at careerbuilder.com, etc. They masquerade as legitimate companies from various countries in Europe or Asia. The duped recruited cyber-mules are then instructed to set up, or use an existing, domestic LLC / Corp, open a business bank account, and obtain merchant gateway processing services specifically through authorize.net, a division of Cybersource, now owned by Visa. This Organized Crime Syndicate has used this vector exclusively for almost a decade to hijack many hundreds of millions of dollars from consumers.

The Organized Crime syndicate manages the associated website and uses the services set up by the cyber-mules to launder millions of hijacked credit cards into cash. The cyber-mule is then instructed to wire the fraud proceeds out of the country weekly from the US business/merchant bank accounts. Every single charge processed via these fake websites are from stolen card data. It is estimated that they may now process in excess of 20 million compromised card accounts a year, and may have 300 or more active fraud websites operating at any given time.

If you receive a charge from one of these fraud entities, it is imperative that you report the charge as FRAUDULENT, and cancel and replace the card. They will keep charging it, also, CHECK YOUR PRIOR STATEMENTS for small fraud charges that you may have missed. The fraudulent card data charges are pumped into the authorize.net processing system using a sophisticated automated script which utilizes a bot proxy network of compromised US computers, to make it appear as if the eastern European data transactions are originating from US IP addresses. In a few cases the fraud victim's bank has insisted that the charge was legitimate and forced them to pay it.

Please file a report at IC3: »www.ic3.gov/complaint

Also, file a report at the FTC: »www.ftccomplaintassistant.gov
[Reference case, FTC File No. 0923051 which contains serious errors and conclusions regarding the size and extent of this massive and still ongoing card fraud laundering operation]

The complete story of this long running Orgamized Criminal organization is documented starting here: »Ebook websites, fraud charges, Devbill/DigitalAge/Pluto


As is typical, this card fraud laundering website is hidden from search engines.

Every single card charged by this entiity is fraudulent. There is no ecommerce here. Just laundering of hijacked card data, converting it to cash, then wiring it out of the country to eastern Europe.

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Phone Number: 734-335-8718
E-Mail Address:support@carwebmall.com

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Silver Spring, MD
Thanks again for your advice MGD. The primary reason I posted this incident here was I know you watch this group. I've done all you asked, and hope that someday somebody in power will listen to the problem...