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Broken NAT

reply to kevinds

Re: SSH forwarding

said by kevinds:

Does the SMC have the Remote Management feature in the customer interface able to be turned on and off?

If so, is it on?

If you have that much experience with networking, why are you using the router in a Shaw modem? Or are they still unable to enable bridge mode on plans slower than 50mbps?

If your friend, or anybody else outside your LAN, able to even get a telnet connection to port 22?

I have never had good experiences with SMC routers.

1) No, there is no way to administer the Remote Management system, otherwise I would just disable it and be on my way. Shaw also refuses to admit it is enabled, despite the router saying it is.

2) The last router that I had from shaw took a combined 6 hours on the phone to finally get them to disable the gateway and put it in bridged mode, so I was hoping to avoid that again.

3) I can forward every single port except for 22. telnet, http, AIM, all of the predefined services work, and I have some others like VNC and Tor running on "customer defined" forwarding as well. It is just port 22 that won't forward. There is nothing else wrong with the router. It is extremely frustrating.

Calgary, AB
Might have to run your SSH server on multiple ports, or just a different one as the only work around.

Register and bug Sean about the firmware bug, and he might be able to get you in touch with someone who knows the workings of the Gateways better.

One other thing to try, I have confirmed this doesn't work on the Cisco's, not sure about the SMC's, 'Backup' the configuration, then edit it manually, notepad maybe? and then 'Restore' it back to the SMC. The Cisco's do a CRC check on the file so you can't upload a modified one.

-Posted from my phone.


New Westminster, BC
reply to Broken NAT
Have you tried to use hamachi? »secure.logmein.com/products/hamachi/
It will allow you to run a client on both computers and essentially have a VPN with your remote and local computer. You can then SSH tunnel that way through the "private" IP address assigned to your computer.

Else you could buy another router and get the SMC put in bridge mode, or get a cisco in bridge mode with your own router