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Wallingford, CT

Uverse Gateway Wireless Capabilities

Hey all, getting Uverse max internet service next week. I presently have ATT Elite DSL. Max is the fastest avail speed for uverse at my location in CT. Anyway, I'm getting conflicting reports as to the wireless bands that the uverse gateway can use. I currently have an N network with no issues. I've been told by a CSR that uverse has N capability. Then several friends have told me that is not true. If N is not supported, is it possible to leave my existing wireless network and equipment(linksys router) in place and have it work with the 2Wire gateway. As most of my work is done on my laptop, i'd like to retain the N speeds. Any help would be appreciated. Sorry if this has been posted before. I searched and was not able to find the answer. Thanks to all.

Lisle, IL
·AT&T U-Verse
Depends which modem you get, which also depends on which flavor of U-Verse you get. So in a word, maybe

ADSL2+ IPDSLAM U-Verse typically is provided/sold with a Motorola NVG510 Gateway for new customer sign ups. This modem does support WiFi b/g/n (single band 2.4 GHz though).
Other modem options for ADSL2+ IPDSLAM (which must be pursued via 3rd parties) include the black Motorola 2210 and the 2Wire/Pace 2701 HGV-B. The Moto 2210 is a single ethernet port "modem only" device, and the 2Wire/Pace is a "Gateway" modem/router combo, but its WiFi radio is b/g (no n)

VDSL2 FTTN U-Verse (when Internet only or Internet + VoIP - no IPTV) is typically provided/sold with a 2Wire/Pace 3600 Gateway for new customer sign ups. This modem only supports WiFi b/g (no n).
The other modem options for VDSL FTTN include the Motorola 2310 (must be an internet only customer). The Moto 2310, like its ADSL2+ counterpart the 2210, is a single ethernet port "modem only" device. Also useable on VDSL FTTN are the 2Wire/Pace 3800/3801, but those devices incur a rental fee from AT&T, as those modems are leased from AT&T, whereas the 3600 or 2310 is purchased/owned by the customer. The WiFi radio of the 3800/3801 is b/g (no n)

BPON/FTTP U-Verse (any combination of IPTV, VoIP, and/or Internet), or any VDSL2 FTTN U-Verse package containing IPTV, requires the use of the leased/rented 2Wire/Pace 3800/3801. The Wifi radio of those devices is b/g (no n)

Pair Bonded VDSL2 FTTN U-Verse requires the use of the leased/rented iNID system. The i3812 modem is actually mounted outside in place of your traditional NID. The "inside unit" WiFi Access Point provided (i38) connects to the modem outside, and provides 4 wired Ethernet Ports & a WiFi b/g radio (no n)

Any and all of the U-Verse modems/systems listed above can be configured to work with a 3rd party router/wifi access point behind the U-Verse equipment. Not officially supported, but it has been done, and if configured properly, works just fine. Feel free to ask around here if you need help on the setup

reply to wyatt9696
Worst case, on your current router just change the IP, shut off the DHCP server, and plug a cable from one of its LAN ports (leaving nothing plugged into its WAN port) to a LAN port on whatever ATT supplies.



Wallingford, CT
thanks folks. appreciate the info.