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Staunton, IL

Up To clause

Should we be concerned that there is an "Up To 1 gigabit upload and download speed" disclaimer on the Google Fiber website?

How much oversubscription will there be?

tim tim tim

Lutz, FL
·Bright House Net..
That was my question in it. If there deploying a Gpon system like fios has done in most markets, how are they going to have multiple users split on it and not have issues. I can only assume that your not really ever going to see the full gig up or down unless nobody else happens to be on.

Im sure they will still be pushing several hundred mpbs at most times (depending on over subscription) but I don't foresee the whole gig that there advertising

Just like the poster above who said he was able to test it at 750 Mbps. Still impressive and the speed-test site itself may be limiting but its not even deployed and there not seeing the gig yet.