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Fairmont, WV

[Rant] Sprint's billing methods

So I upgraded my phone via the sprint website. Gave them 211 dollars for a shiny new SIII about a week before it came out. I got the phone on release day and am very happy with it.

I have my account tied to an auto pay and i generally just leave it to do its thing, as long as the phone is working I assume that everything went as it should have. I'm about to get a new credit card, because i use it extensively on line and just like to get a replacement every 12 months or so for a little peace of mind, so i looked at my sprint bill, knowing it was coming up in the next few days and is the last thing i need to go through before i wait a week for a new card, then go and redo all my autopays.

I see a $212 dollar bill, way higher than the expected 86 or even 120 with the stupid new device activation. I then look through my statements and see that no auto pay went through in July as it generally does for sprint. I then discover the insanity of Sprints billing system.

So the 211 dollars i gave them as a pre-order on the SIII actually went to my account and paid the June bill... I was under the mistaken assumption that that money was for the phone itself. So I had a credit of 120 some dollars. So no auto pay for July that I missed because i have other things to do than worry about the cell phone bill (as long as its still on lol).

Then i get a $337 bill for July for the phone, activation and normal bill, minus the credit and totaling $212. Yeah I get that its all the same in the end, but its not how I thought I would be charged, and it caused me an hour of confusion going through everything to try and figure out what the heck happened.

TLDR - Sprint needs to charge for device upgrades independent from actual service itself. I was under the impression I paid for this phone in June, but the way they have the billing I paid for half in June and half now. I gotta say it seemed like a better idea in June than in August
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Had the same issue. Pre order went as an account credit so then my bill was not processed. Next bill was for 2 months which with the activation fee was a good chunk of change. I know it was all the same in the end, but was a paperwork (and budgeting) mess.
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Onion, NJ
they haven't charged me for my SGS3 and case yet. I got it in July.


Gloucester, ON
reply to kjpwv
And this is why I have removed all rights to all companies from deducting from my bank account. While "convenience" might be the reason why it is done. There are WAY too many billing issues and screw ups that could cost you something way more important then say phone services (like a mortage!) instead, all bills come to me and I'll pay them when I get aminute once a week or so. This way if I have a dispute for the bill I can call them up and get it fixed BEFORE I pay them.

Robbers... er Rogers had me on "direct pay" for 2 months before they pissed me off by assuring me "Oh no we deduct the payment well after you get the bill! yet on the 24th I'd see money vanish and I hadn't seen the bill yet.

No more of that.