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Re: how could you subject your family to this?

said by tegrof:

That's just mean.

Pay close attention to how high the speedtest spikes at the beginning. My guess is boosting to make speedtests look good.

Have you actually tried to download anything and watched the speeds? Something that takes longer than a minute? Also, try a couple other servers in your area.

If you've got a stable connection, good for you, but man oh man, wait till you have an issue and have to work with them

I think like everything cable related, experiences probably vary a lot from region to region. I've been using Distributel for 2.5 years or so now, and it's been fairly smooth and consistent. I regularly get the advertised speeds, or above - sometimes it'll drop to 16 Mbps or so during peak hours, but it's not generally noticeable for the huge amounts of streaming media my family watches.

Their VOIP service on the other hand - I had nothing but problems with it. It would regularly cut out, drop calls, and the audio quality when it did work was just plain horrible. My internet service was even severely degraded until I got rid of the VOIP box they provided - but since I cancelled that, like I said - it's been quite consistent and smooth.
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