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Clever Name
Davenport, IA

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reply to RyanThaDude

Re: Mediacom now charging for bandwidth?


I'm shocked it took so long. Bandwidth is cheaper than ever after all. They'll have to get an accurate bandwidth metering system set up I would assume. One the customer can view I mean. That should take them quite a while.

Techs have told me things in the past that never happened also. This is inevitable though I'm sure. Comcast got away with it, so they'll all do it. Get those dirty bandwidth hogs off the line so grandma can check her email and Kristi can update her facebook at blazing speeds.

If I had a company with little to no competition I'd charge as much as I could for as little product as possible too.Why upgrade the system when I can just cap everyone. Oh and after we set some monthly limit lets raise the available speeds just to salt the wound.