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Stanwood, MI
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reply to carajean206

Re: New Netgear 7550 cant get to gateway need assistance

I use opendns primarily for up time.

Like Smith I've never had any issues with third party DNS while my own isp's dns is up, down, or gone sideways... Wildblue's own dns servers seem to be buggy and stop responding under load on occasion so your connection is up and you can ping but cannot get to a website without the right ipaddress. I've also run into several occasions (though not recently) where an isp's dns server (comcast in Lansing, MI, I think) had old or incorrect information.

Another good point is security.
I have run into several occasions where opendns has redirected visitors to known attack sites to a safe page with a warning. This is quite helpful I'm sure you will agree... They will also correct common spelling mistakes so you don't wind up on a porn site.
Using stumble lets you well, stumble on these on occasion.