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Schaumburg, IL
·AT&T Midwest
reply to VegasMan

Re: New Baby Born Today!

Interesting side note on the purchase process.
When we ordered on June 20th the appraised value of our Edge was 25k which matched all my research. So now the new one comes in and they do the customary "look how beautiful it is" and "it's right here" shit. So wife goes in and they do a new appraisal and gee guess what the market isn't as good anymore so we'll only give you 23k. Wife calls me and I tell her to ask for 24.5k and no less or we walk. Words barely got out of her mouth and the manager agreed.
I was so pissed that they tried to pull one over on my wife.

Since the process isn't over as we still have to go through the final shit that Ford requires them to do along with the satisfaction survey. Since my wife was running late to work we are doing it on Friday. I am going to let it be known that I wasn't happy about that and the fact that now I am getting spammed on my cell text for buying a new car. I know it had to be from them since I never got spam before and they just happen to start a few hours after the purchase was done, plus the only time they had my cell number was so they could contact me while we were on vacation just after the order.
In need of a Vegas vacation.

Long Island
There's a reason the #1 consumer complaint is car dealers....for every good one there seems to be five or more sleazy ones...

I'd go in Friday and hold them to their $25k on your Edge or tell them to take their SHO and SHOve it!