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Monticello, NY
reply to ITALIAN926


said by ITALIAN926:

Thats fine and dandy, but what percentage of internet users do you think download games?. Everyone I know still buys their games at a local store. We can even mention HD movies. I dont really know anyone that downloads movies, just streams them.

Comparing the 56k dialup to a 5Mbps DSL/cable back then, is much different than comparing a 20Mbps to 1000Mbps today. There simply isnt any real benefit to upgrade to such a connection, right now, for the overwhelming majority of users

There are some 4 million people logged into steam right now. That doesn't count Origin, or Xbox Live, or PSN, etc. Many people download games.

20Mpbs is shot when one person is downloading one of those games and does nothing for the on average other 1.5 persons in the household. Oh sorry you were trying to watch a movie using netflix, I'm downloading a game right now and It's going to take half an hour.

The suddenly BOOM 1Gbps. There is plenty of bandwidth for not only that game to download, but for that netflix stream, and hell, while waiting for that game to download the downloader can watch something on netflix as well.

Then like I said the time involved. Just because YOU don't know anybody who downloads games doesn't mean there aren't tons of gamers out there who when they get home to a 300mb patch for their MMO, or they see a good sale on steam that they'll actually be able to jump in and play in a minute or two, rather than a good portion of their limited gaming time getting taken up by waiting on a download.


I have to check out this "steam" , my xbox's cd rom crapped out, and didnt feel like replacing it.

Greenville, TX

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Not to be rude, but if you aren't even aware of Steam, I highly doubt you have an accurate perspective of what 20-30mbps can cover today, much less the near to far future.