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Walnut Creek, CA
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reply to JALevinworth

Re: Spam flooding to hide something even more sinister

In my experience it means they tried to deliver it, but the address doesn't exist. It looks like someone requested that it be held, but someone screwed up and put it on the truck anyway.

I've had something similar happen, only it was me not being home and having asked them to hold it so I could pick it up. It got put on the truck, which didn't get back to the facility until after the lobby closed. I was *FURIOUS* because I would be out of town for the next week, at which point it would be returned to sender. A couple irate phone calls to the customer service line later, I got a call from the facility night manager offering to let me in to pick up my package. The stories that guy told me about delivery screwups...

Unfortunately, since you're not the sender, there's literally nil you can do to affect that package, short of physically intervening, and even then, those trucks look like they hurt when they hit you.