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Johnstown, PA
·Northland Cable ..

Google Fiber

Looks like Google is trying to pull the rug out from under all the Cable/ISP Co's free 5 mb down for 7 years after the first year and the install fee, and 1GB up - 1GB down in the $70 range per month, plus a $120.00 plan with tv and a free Tablet as a remote, to top it off the are going to give all government agency's a free 1 GB connection as a way to get into markets, I was told the fiber being run into Johnstown was for educational use? could this be Google incognito? only time will tell this only proves the bandwidth is not as expensive as company reps claim! think about it I have 4 Google voice phone number free of charge they work just like Vonage as far as quality goes no you cant use a handset yet but I am sure it's coming I have 2 Skype cordless phones and I hate Skype there quality is horrible but it could be my ISP? I do Beta testing for various company's and Plantronics gave me a unit to use with Skype most testers say there calls are clear but I get it hit or miss a lot of dropped calls could it be ABB IDK?