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How To Modify Your IE Security Settings

This was found in a recent Langa List, and I thought it was important enough to post here.

How To Modify Your IE Security Settings

After reading how Cox internet, AOL and Netscape (and probably other services) all can insert themselves into your "local" security zone in Internet Explorer (thus bypassing your Internet security settings), you might be wondering if you can fix this if you find it has happened to you.
Here are some steps you can preform to repair the damage.

First, copy the current settings: Either make a full system backup, or simply write down whatever you see in the Local Intranet or Trusted Zone dialogs, including anything on "advanced" and "custom" tabs. Then simply highlight and delete the entries you don't want in those zones. By removing web sites from the Local Intranet or Trusted areas, you'll automatically be restoring them to the normal Internet Zone.
Next, reboot and try accessing web sites, especially any from the areas you just removed. If your Internet connection works--- and odds are it will--- you're all set. But if something isn't working, use your backup
or your notes to recreate the settings the way they were before.

Alternatively, you can restore the settings with greater security:
Recreate the Local or Trusted zone entries, but then use the "custom" tab to ratchet up the security levels for various browser actions. If you're unsure what a given action is or what it does, change the action's security setting to "prompt." That way, you'll be asked (via a dialog box) if your browser tries to take whatever action(s) you've set to "prompt." Over time, you can get a feel for what's going on; and can figure out what's OK to "enable" and what you may wish to permanently "disable."

If all this made your eyes glaze over, just do the first step: Make a backup or written copy of whatever's in your Local or Trusted zones, and then delete the items there. Chances are, everything will still work, but you'll be safer. And you'll still be able to restore what you deleted, should you need to in the future.
"I've got a bad feeling about this!"!!!